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Adding email accounts

With cPanel, setting up new email accounts couldn't be easier!

From your cPanel, click on "Email Accounts" under the 'Mail' heading. From there, it's just a matter of filling out the form headed 'Add a New Email Account' and clicking "Create".

Once created, you can either add the account to your email software manually, or opt to "configure the account to work with a mail client (Outlook, Mail.app)" automatically when prompted within cPanel. You can also click "Configure Mail Client" in the "Email Accounts" screen at any time thereafter to configure your mail software at a later date.

Our Tip:

If you are the only person collecting the email for your website, you may not need to set up any additional email addresses.

By default, your account is already set up with a "default catch-all mailbox". This mailbox by default picks up email sent to ANY address at your domain. That is to say sales@exampledomain.co.nz, me@exampledomain.co.nz, anything@exampledomain.co.nz will all come through to the exampledomain.co.nz catch-all mailbox. This is also known as 'unlimited aliases'.

To access this mailbox, simply use the details provided in your setup email, under the heading "EMAIL ACCESS".

Because of the default catch-all, in many cases you only need to add new email accounts if you need them to have separate passwords and/or be collected separately from the catch-all mail. For more information about the catch-all mailbox, also see our hosting manual article.