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Port 25 Blocking

As described in this online manual entry, a number of ISPs are now using a practice known as "Port 25 Blocking". Customers of these ISPs are effectively limited to using the SMTP Server provided by their ISP.

While our first recommendation is indeed to use the SMTP Server provided by your ISP, we are also able to offer SMTP service to customers who require it, regardless of Port 25 Blocking.

If our regular SMTP service isn't working for you and you're unable or unwilling to use the SMTP service provided by your ISP, you may still be able to use our SMTP service.

Simply set your email software to use your MyHost-based SMTP server - "mail.exampledomain.co.nz" (where "exampledomain.co.nz" is your domain name) - and then ensure that the SMTP/Outgoing mail port is set to "587", rather than the default "25".

We can offer no guarantees that Port 587 will not be added to ISP port blocking lists in future, but this does provide the best current alternative.