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SquirrelMail Trash

Like the Windows "Recycle Bin", SquirrelMail stores your deleted Webmail in the "Trash" until the Trash is emptied.

To remove email sitting in "Trash"

To permanently delete your trashed email and empty your Trash Can, simply click the "Purge" link next to the Trash. You'll find "Trash" in the folder list in the left-hand pane of your SquirrelMail webmail.

If your mail or hosting account is full, you may receive an error message when attempting to delete mail. This is because SquirrelMail needs additional space to write a copy of your mail to the Trash Can when deleting. See our online manual entry "Can't delete mail in SquirrelMail" for more information on this error.

Deleting mail instantly, rather than moving to Trash

To configure SquirrelMail to permanently remove your deleted mail - rather than storing it in the Trash Can, find the SquirrelMail setting in Options->Folder Preferences that allows you to choose your Trash Folder.

Setting the Trash Folder to "[ Do not use Trash ]" means that any email you delete will be deleted instantly, rather than stored in Trash. This will also mean you can use SquirrelMail to delete email from a full mail or hosting account without seeing the error message described above.

Note: This option cannot be set when your account is full and also remember that once set, any email you delete will be deleted permanently.