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Configuring your mail software

Most common email clients, such as Outlook Express and Eudora, require the following basic information in order to download and send email.

  1. POP Server
  2. SMTP Server*
  3. Username (or 'login')
  4. Password

These details for the default mail account are all provided in your MyHost setup email, in the section titled "EMAIL ACCESS".

For email addresses you've added yourself in cPanel, note that the "Username" is the full email address - for example the username for the email address bob@exampledomain.co.nz would be bob@exampledomain.co.nz

If you click "Manage Accounts" within your cPanel, you'll be presented with a list of your email accounts. Next to each account is a link to "Configure your mail client". Clicking on this link for a specific account will display the configuration information for that account, as well as allowing you to configure Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express automatically.

* Please Note: Our first recommendation is to use the SMTP (Outgoing) Server provided by your ISP, as an increasing number of ISPs now block access to SMTP servers other than their own. If you have difficulty with or are unwilling to use your ISP's SMTP Server, we do offer a way around Port 25 blocking in order for our customers to use SMTP Service provided by MyHost. See Port 25 Blocking for more information on this.