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What is the "catch-all" mailbox?

The "catch-all" email account is enabled by default on every MyHost account, and simply collects email sent to ANYADDRESS@exampledomain.co.nz (where "exampledomain.co.nz" is your domain name).

The catch-all will for example receive email sent to any of the following: "sales@exampledomain.co.nz", "test@exampledomain.co.nz", or even "ANYTHING@exampledomain.co.nz". You get the idea.

The login details for this mailbox are provided with your initial setup email.

Note: The catch-all does not receive email sent to mailboxes or forwarders you've set up specifically in your cPanel. It simply catches everything else.

The Pros of a 'catch-all'

Many of our customers making use of a catch-all find that they don't need to set up any separate email boxes. Instead, they simply use the single catch-all email account and can therefore give out any email address at their domain that they like, any time.

If for example you run a company single-handedly, rather than setting up and having to check multiple separate email boxes - e.g. "sales@", "accounts@" and "manager@" - you can use the single catch-all mailbox and receive email sent to all of those addresses.

It also means that should anybody misspell the name part of your email address, the mail will still get through to you. John@exampledomain.co.nz will go into the catch-all, as would Jon@exampledomain.co.nz. There's no need to create additional mail accounts or complex forwarders to cater to every possible misspelling!

The Cons of a 'catch-all'

One unfortunate downside to the catch-all account is that it can also potentially catch spam emails targeted to random or non-existent addresses at your domain. As we have automatic anti-virus and anti-spam systems in place, this no longer presents a big problem.

With the catch-all mailbox only being limited by the total size of your account however, there is a risk of it filling up with email. Because a full catch-all also means a full hosting account, no further email would be delivered to ANY of your mailboxes until space was cleared again. This is not an issue for email accounts you create separately, as these can be limited to a specific size, but it certainly does pay to regularly clear out your catch-all email account.

How do I disable the catch-all mailbox?

The catch-all feature can be disabled via your cPanel, within the "Default Address" section. Just follow the instructions on screen to set the default address to "Discard with error to sender (at SMTP time)"

Once disabled, any incoming email sent to email addresses that you haven't specifically set up in cPanel will be automatically discarded.

Alternately, the catch-all can be set to forward all email through to any other email address. Doing so does not keep a duplicate copy of the forwarded mail on our servers.

Note: Disabling the functionality of the 'catch-all' as above will not remove any email currently stored within the mailbox. To clear out the mailbox, you would need to a) download and/or delete it from the server using your mail software, or b) delete the messages via your webmail interface.

If you would like us to clear the entire catch-all mailbox for you and/or forward the entire contents of the catch-all to any other email address, just ask.