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Using the secure server

Use of our shared SSL certificate is included free of charge with our web hosting packages. Using SSL allows your website visitors to provide you with sensitive information with the added security of knowing their data is encrypted in transit.

MyHost customers can use the following URL to access any existing page on their website securely:

Where "server" is the name of the server your website is on, "username" is your account username, and "file.html" is the name of the file you're trying to access.

Any existing page or file on your website can be called securely in this manner, but it's only necessary when the page needs an extra level of security. A good example would be a credit card order form and, more importantly, the page the order form submits the information to. We advise against using SSL on other pages, as it is slightly slower for your visitors.

Please be aware that using an SSL certificate alone is not enough to ensure total data security.

As an example, if the order form you've built is accessed securely as above, but then sends all of your customer's credit card details to you in an email, that is absolutely NOT secure because email is sent in plain unencrypted text.

We strongly suggest hiring a professional to advise on, or build this part of your website for you, if you intend to receive or store sensitive information.

Note: Resellers should contact us to confirm the shared SSL URL they and their customers can use.