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Using your own SSL certificate

All of our hosted accounts are able to make use of the secure SSL server certificates provided by us. Using SSL allows your website visitors to provide you with sensitive information with the added security of knowing their data is encrypted in transit.

Some customers however do require the use of their own SSL certificate. The biggest advantage of this is cosmetic, as rather than sharing a secure URL with many of our customers, you can use your own address such as https://secure.exampledomain.co.nz/

If you do decide to go ahead with purchasing your own SSL certificate, we would firstly need the following information from you, which may be publicly available to visitors when viewing the cert.

Email Address:
Host Name (e.g. "secure.exampledomain.co.nz"):
Company Name:
Company Division ("Administration" if unsure):
2 Letter Country Code (e.g. NZ):

Once we have that, we'll be able to send out the Certificate Signing Request ("CSR") you'll need for ordering.

The current price for an SSL certificate is $60 per year, and it can be registered for up to 5 years.

Once you've mailed your completed certificate through to us, we recommend a lead-time of 24 hours to ensure we can install it without any interruption to your hosting service. There is a $60.00 + GST charge for the installation & a $5.00 + GST monthly fee for the static IP address.