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Changing your account's domain name

Changing the domain name associated with your account is simple enough from the administrative side, however the process does entail a lot of technical changes "under the hood".

If you wish to change the main domain name associated with your hosting account, we suggest you consider the following options carefully.

1. Changing the domain name on an existing account

We can change the domain name on your existing hosting account, however doing so can have a few drawbacks.

Because your domain name is used deep throughout the cPanel system from email addresses to FTP accounts, log files etc etc, simply changing the domain name of an existing account can potentially generate unexpected errors later on due to the scale of the changes made.

While unlikely, there is always the possibility that for example one file somewhere in the system won't update correctly, or that the cPanel system will inadvertently choke on something many days, or even months later. Generally when they do happen, these issues are minor, however they can cause inconvenience and potential disruption to your website.

While nine times out of ten this change will 'take' without any issues at all, we unfortunately can't give any 110% guarantees as to the reliability of such a sweeping change.

2. Creating a new account for your new domain name (Recommended)

By far the most reliable method for changing your domain name is for us to create a brand new account under the new name and then remove your old account when you're ready.

The downside to this method is that you will need to re-upload any files from your old website that you wish to keep on your new domain name, however it does give a degree of reliability and peace of mind that the first method simply can't deliver.

We do not charge any additional fees for this, however you will need to handle the transferral or re-uploading of files and website content yourself.

3. Parking the new domain onto your account

The third option is to simply "Park" your new domain name onto your existing site. This will allow you to keep both your existing domain name and your new domain name active at the same time. They will both point to the same content and you will be able to control the email and other features of both domains from your cPanel control panel. This is not recommended if you eventually intend to allow your "primary" domain name to expire as, although not strictly necessary, we do prefer that your account's primary domain name remains active on our servers.