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Can receive email, but can't send any?

In an effort to help combat SPAM, increasing numbers of ISPs both locally and internationally are implementing "Port 25 blocking", which restricts the use of external SMTP Servers.

If you're suddenly unable to send email from your MyHost-hosted mail account, but can still receive email and access your website without difficulty, this is likely to be the cause. Typically you'll see the following error message, or similar - "Outlook unable to connect to outgoing server"

How do I fix the problem?

Some ISPs will allow their customers to opt-out of Port 25 blocking. Xtra customers for example can apply to opt-out by completing an online form. If you're unable or unwilling to opt-out of Port 25 blocking, you have two further options:

1) Use the SMTP Server provided by your ISP

Within your email software, find the the account settings for the mail account you're having trouble with. You should see a setting for "Outgoing Server", "SMTP Server" or similar. This is the setting you'll need to change.

We have listed some of the more popular New Zealand ISPs and their SMTP Servers below. This is believed to be accurate at the time of publishing, however some ISPs also require additional configuration, so please check this with your ISP.

Actrix - mail.actrix.co.nz
clear.net - smtp.clear.net.nz
IGRIN - smtp.igrin.co.nz
Maxnet - smtp.maxnet.co.nz
Orcon - mail.orcon.net.nz
paradise.net - smtp.paradise.net.nz
Quicksilver - smtp.qsi.net.nz
Slingshot - smtp.slingshot.co.nz
Wave - smtp.wave.co.nz
Woosh - smtp.woosh.co.nz
WorldNet - smtp.world-net.co.nz
WorldxChange - smtp.xnet.co.nz
Xtra - send.xtra.co.nz

2) Use our SMTP Service on an alternate Port

We are able to offer SMTP service on an alternative port if necessary. In order to use our SMTP service regardless of Port 25 Blocking by your ISP, please set the outgoing mail port in your email software to "587" rather than the default "25".

Also see our manual page on Port 25 Blocking for further information about this option.