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Fantastico Outdated Installations

A number of our customers have installed and enjoyed the many free scripts available within the "Fantastico" section of their cPanel.

In mid-2007 the developers of Fantastico added the capability for the system to automatically send an email notification when a customer's installed scripts become outdated.

For security reasons alone, it is always advisable to keep every script you run up to date, as security holes are patched on a regular basis for most popular scripts. Upgrading can be done via the Fantastico screen in your cPanel.

To update via Fantastico:

To upgrade any of your Fantastico-installed scripts, simply log into your cPanel and click the "Fantastico" link. This will present you with a list of your installed scripts, and allow you to upgrade each if an upgrade is available.

To disable the notifications permanently:

If you've made modifications to the base script files themselves and/or would rather update your scripts manually, that's of course fine also. Please ensure you do keep these scripts up to date however, as security holes are regularly found in many of the most popular website scripts. These breaches can ultimately affect the security of your entire website.

To remove a particular installation from the Fantastico system, and thus also disable the notifications, you will need to do the following:

  1. Remove the file named fantversion.php which is located inside the installation directory
  2. Remove the corresponding registry entry which is located in the directory $HOME/.fantasticodata/$SCRIPT/