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Accessing Webmail and cPanel behind a firewall

In some situations, for example in an office environment or internet cafe, you may experience difficulty accessing your cPanel or webmail. If you can still view your website, but can't get to the webmail and cPanel, this is likely to be the problem.

Why does this happen?

This occurs because these public or shared computing environments often protect themselves by putting in place firewall systems. These firewalls can unfortunately also block access to the "Ports" that our cPanel and webmail services operate on - although this isn't usually the case.

How do I fix the problem?

If you're in an office environment and have access to the network administrator, you may like to ask that they allow you to access the following Ports (depending on what you need):

Secure cPanel: Port 2083
Secure Webmail: Port 2096
Secure WHM: Port 2087

If you are not able to have these Ports opened up in the firewall, you may like to try either of the following URLs. These have been provided by cPanel specifically to get around the issue of restrictive firewalls.

cPanel: http://cpanel.exampledomain.co.nz/
Webmail: http://webmail.exampledomain.co.nz/
WHM: http://whm.exampledomain.co.nz/
[Where "exampledomain.co.nz" is your domain name]

We do not recommend the permanent use of these URLs, as there are some minor limitations in their functionality, however they are more than adequate for use when needed.