MyHost's Data Centre

The most important of our three Auckland locations is our own purpose-built data centre.

Our very own Auckland data centre

We took matters into our own hands and built a data centre facility from scratch. Purpose built with the latest technology and modern equipment, with the goal to provide a great experience for engineers.

24/7 support & service

Our team of specialist engineers are on call 24/7 for expert advice and emergency response. Monitoring and alerting systems notify us of any issues.

Real redundancy

Multiple power supplies include a huge solar installation and redundant UPS, and auto-start generators to help guarantee your servers keep running.

Climate control

Multiple HVAC units create a climate controlled environment with optimised airflow distribution for optimal hardware performance and lifetime. 


24/7 CCTV, monitored access, RFID and biometric scanners ensure your servers are secure. Rest easy knowing your servers are safe in our data centres.

Carrier neutral

Choose your provider for your connectivity. As experts in engineering bespoke networks, we can work with you to provide connectivity solutions. 

Offsite backups

We know how important backups are. Our data centres have an exhaustive backup process to a secure offsite location.

Man working on computer in a datacentre surrounded by racks.
Man typing on a control panel in MyHost's datacentre.


Redundancy is designed in, for all foreseeable failures. With multiple sources such as A+B Dual power supply, a backup generator and solar power, for example, no single power outage can affect your servers.

Modern architecture

Our Auckland facility uses the latest UPS and in-row cooling technology combined with efficient power infrastructure and purpose built cooling. You can trust that your valuable equipment is being held in a top notch environment. 

Co-location options

From 1RU to a cabinet, co-locating with MyHost is easy. We make our technology is accessible and usable so you can enhance your service to your clients. Our centre also features build-rooms, office workspace, free wifi and tea/coffee. 

Low flood risk

When heavy rain hits Auckland, we're ready. Our site is about 27m above sea level, over 2km from the coastline, and at the top of a rise on our street. We're a safe distance from any flood plains too, well prepped for any downpour.

Earthquake ready

Earthquakes are one of the biggest natural risks in New Zealand, so we taken preparedness seriously. Our latest engineering report gave us a building code compliance rating of 187%. We're literally readier than we need to be.

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