Ubuntu 24.04 LTS is tested and ready to go on Virtual Servers

14 05, 2024

A new version of popular Linux distro Ubuntu is available on MyHost servers. It will stay in support for years to come. ...

Clean-up time: Trash folder cleanup will auto-delete old files

18 04, 2024

IMPORTANT UPDATE: From 6 May 2024, files that have been in the trash for more than 30 days will be deleted forever....

Why “Premium” domains cost more

16 04, 2024

Surprise! Some domains carry special price tags with higher-than-expected numbers on them. Here’s why....

Web Hosting 101: The most common questions answered

15 04, 2024

From knowing how servers work to actually finding which hosting solution and provider is right for you, we've got you covered....

IMAP or POP3: How to choose the right email protocol

21 03, 2024

When you’re setting up an email client, the best protocol to select mostly comes down to the number of devices you check your email on....

Platforms and Pricing Power: Shopify’s Plus-Sized Move

26 02, 2024

A 20% price increase shines a light on the big trade-off involved with Shopify. Is the convenience worth the cost and the lock-in?...

Enhanced Gmail spam filters target bulk email senders

20 02, 2024

Here's how to avoid spam folders by using SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records....

Look out for fake emails about WordPress vulnerabilities

05 02, 2024

Fake emails about "high-risk vulnerabilities" in WordPress contain links that you should not click. As always, caution is your ...

Shrinkage in the .nz domain namespace is unprecedented

26 01, 2024

In just 5 months, 12,000 .nz domains have disappeared. What’s going on? And how long will it last?...

VPS or Dedicated Server? A quick comparison

06 12, 2023

Virtual Servers (VPS) and Dedicated Servers both offer more control and more grunt than shared web hosting....

Website Builder now supports full ecommerce sites

22 11, 2023

Build a store, organise your products, manage payments and more - all within MyHost's super-easy Website Builder....

Holiday opening hours, 2023-24

21 11, 2023

Over the Christmas & New Year break, we'll spend a little less time answering phones and support tickets. Emergency support is a...