Network Information

We operate our own fully virtualized hosting environment within the ICONZ data centre in Auckland, New Zealand.

Our web hosting accounts are distributed across multiple nodes containing the latest server-grade hardware. Each virtual server is mirrored across nodes, making this one of the most advanced hosting platforms in New Zealand!

The Datacentre

Please note: For the purposes of redundancy, the MyHost website may be housed in a different location to our customer servers. Connection speeds and ping times for our company website are therefore not representative of those for our hosting product.

The Network

The ICONZ data centre network overcomes the limitations of existing data centres, network and internet operations through direct interconnection to an aggregation of networks providing unmatched service diversity, flexibility and reliability.

As ICONZ is carrier neutral, they are able to have every business telco terminating into their network. This in turn provides greater network redundancy.

As ICONZ believes data should take the shortest, most direct path, they advertise their IP address space over the main neutral peering exchanges (Citylink's Wellington Internet Exchange and Auckland Peering Exchange) and have an open peering policy. As an added precaution they have direct peering arrangements with all other major ISPs, large corporations and site hosting companies.