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We are considered an essential service. See how MyHost is prepared for Lockdowns and what it means for our customers.

As you are probably aware, yesterday New Zealand went into a level 4 lockdown to help contain COVID-19. MyHost is prepared for this and we would like to share with you what measures we have taken and what the means for our customers.

We are considered to be an essential service as we provide mission-critical services to a wide range of essential organisations including health organisations, education facilitators, financial providers, as well as both local and central government departments.

Our entire team is now working remotely with the only exception being a small skeleton crew at our data centre. Remote working is part of the normal rhythm for our company, as we’ve had full time remote members for many years. We’re confident our team has everything that they need and we are already writing code, taking calls and responding to support emails.

What does this mean for MyHost customers?

We believe for most of our clients there will be no change in service. We’re seeing increased internet usage in New Zealand due to more people using digital services, streaming and video conferencing during this period, but we operate our own networks and peering with plenty of headroom so we largely expect we will not be impacted by traffic congestion in the same way other internet services have seen in recent days.

Some of you may need less of our services at present, but others may need more, especially those offering online services. For customers using a scalable cloud solution it will be easy for you to scale your utilisation of our infrastructure up and down as needed and we are here to help and support you through these tumultuous times.

What is the impact for ordering new hardware?

We have confirmed with our suppliers that they will be continuing to supply equipment and we have been listed as an ‘essential supplier’. We will be continuing to provision new AMD NVMe equipment as planned with additional servers arriving in the next few days. We have good amounts of capacity available on our nodes for virtual servers and we also have good stocks available for dedicated servers, so if you need additional capacity, we will be able to deliver that.

What does this mean for colocation customers?

Our data centre will be staffed and routine maintenance will be completed as normal by our skeleton team. However, there will be no escorted data centre access for colocation clients over this lock-down period. Our engineers will be available for remote-hands service if needed and if you have equipment that needs to be installed or removed for you, we can arrange to have that couriered / delivered to / from where it needs to come from.

How do I get in touch?

You’ll still be able to get in touch with us by email or phone and have any of your hosting concerns addressed. We’ll still have our 24/7 emergency support available as well.

How are we helping our team?

We’re aware that not having social contact can be hard on our team so we’ve set up a permanent live video chat that the team can join at any time, so that at a moments notice if they/we need to talk with each other we can, this helps us and our our team not feel cut off from each other or the outside world

We’re also encouraging our team to stay fit and healthy while also maintaining social distancing. We’re also having daily catch ups with each team member to find out how they are coping and hopefully this helps our team know that they are well supported.

We know the next four weeks will be hard on everyone, but we also know that our team and New Zealand is up to the task ahead.

Kia kaha,
The MyHost Team

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