Welcoming Domains Direct customers in a time of price rises


We’re saying hello to a lot of .nz domain holders from Domains Direct this month.

We’re welcoming a lot of .nz domain holders from Domains Direct to MyHost this month. That’s because Domains Direct has been hit with a short-notice, 10% price rise by their supplier - a price rise that won’t affect us at all.

If you have .nz domains (and nothing else) with Domains Direct, the plan is to create a new MyHost account for you and then migrate these domains into it on Thursday, March 30. This cuts the old supplier out of the loop, and it keeps your domains in our family of companies - same team, same 100% local ownership.

There won’t be anything technical for you to worry about. When we bring domains across we’ll make sure they keep working just like they have been. All you will need to do is set a new password and add a payment method to your new account.

We’re glad that we can save so many domain bills from going up. Since the same team stands behind Domains Direct and MyHost, it feels a bit strange saying hello as if we only just met. But to all of you who are new to MyHost: Welcome! Let us know if there’s anything we can help you with as you move in.

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