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For 16 years, early adopters of G Suite have had access to a free “legacy edition.” This meant enjoying Google services like Gmail topped with premium features, such as multi-account support and email addresses with custom domains rather than the usual "@gmail.com" address.

But now Google is cutting off all those accounts that have been taking advantage of G Suite Legacy free edition… Unless you pay for the new Google Workspace.

Legacy users have been reliant on Google Suite for attaching email accounts to custom domain names whether for business or personal purposes — as many people did for family and friends. So it’s no wonder that the tech giant has faced backlash since it announced that its free edition will no longer be free from July 1, 2022.

What Google’s announcement means for you and your wallet

Customers received the news recently, and the same email from Google also advised users to upgrade to Google Workspace. If you are caught in this, you’ll have a 60 day window to upgrade or lose access to Google Workspace core services, including Gmail.

Google Workspace is the culmination of several upgrades to the G Suite. But the switch that Google is forcing users to do –– sadly the only way for users to continue using their email the way they have been –– isn’t exactly cheap.

Google Workspace plans are offered per user. So if you have ten people on your team, that can easily hike prices to $90 per month with its entry-level business plan. Compared to the zero dollars that you’ve been paying for G Suite Legacy, that’s quite a shock.

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It’s time to look at your options...

Since their announcement and the backlash received, Google have hinted at offering a ‘no-cost option’ but have made it clear that there will be no premium features like multi-account management. While this may be an option, there is risk in waiting around to find out just what this “no-cost” option will offer.

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Whatever you choose, the clock is ticking towards the last days of G Suite Legacy Edition. Don't run out of time to avoid the massive price hike.

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