Yes, there is a local alternative to Openhost and Crazy Domains


We've been helping out a lot of former Openhost customers who don't want to take a forced migration to Crazy Domains. It's good to know that local, well-supported hosting is still available.

Web Hosting from $8.95/mo

For years, our competitor Openhost was the biggest New Zealand-owned hosting company and, as much as we hated to admit it, they were pretty good at what they did. But things can change fast. We started to hear from more unhappy Openhost customers than usual last year. It sounded like our big competitor was taking its eye off the ball, which seemed strange until we realised what the big distraction was. In late 2020 Openhost's owners sold out to America's

Now, a few months later, the Openhost brand is closing down for good and customers are being forced to migrate to Crazy Domains. Some sites have spent hours offline as a result, and we're not exactly hearing good things about the way the Crazy Domains support team is "helping" out.

If you're with Openhost/Crazy Domains but you don't want to stay there, there's an easy way out. We'll help you bring your domains and web hosting over my MyHost, and you'll soon be back to enjoying high-quality, local service.

High-quality NZ web hosting after Openhost

This Crazy Domains migration snafu fits a pattern. When hosting companies sell to big overseas owners, their New Zealand customer base is too small to be a priority. Businesses that are smart enough to seek out NZ-owned hosting deserve to be rewarded with smart local service, not with apologetic emails about your provider running for the departure lounge.

So let's be absolutely clear about ourselves:

  • MyHost is 100% NZ-owned and operated, and we're staying that way. (We're owned by SiteTech Group, along with sister companies like SiteHost and Domains Direct).
  • Our expert support team is mostly based in Auckland and answers tickets in minutes, not hours. We don't outsource support, so everyone you deal with is a member of the MyHost team. We're available 24/7.
  • We make it easy to self-manage your web hosting and domains through high-quality online tools.
  • Our Web Hosting packages start at $8.95/mo.
  • We'll help migrate your site from Openhost/Crazy Domains (or anywhere else) - contact us to chat about that.

How MyHost compares: See the facts

The comparisons between MyHost and Crazy Domains are worth a close look. From domain pricing to the availability of our expert engineers, the facts speak for themselves.

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