Domain privacy pricing change

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Domain Privacy, an optional extra, now costs $10.

Domain Privacy anonymises the contact information that's publicly recorded in your domain's WHOIS record. It's an optional extra that a lot of people appreciate - not least of all because it can cut down the amount of spam directed at your email address.

Today, we're raising the cost of domain privacy to $10 a year. This will bring our cost in line with some other providers (including our sister company SiteHost), while still beating what some others charge - we have competitors who sting New Zealanders as much as $25 for the same service!

We never enjoy raising prices, but we have found ourselves paying more for Domain Privacy than we have been charging (which was $5). Exact numbers are tricky because of changing exchange rates, but the short version is that we haven't even been covering our own costs until now.

If you have already paid for Domain Privacy, then your coverage won't change and you won't encounter the new cost until you renew your domain and privacy.

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