Domains articles

Why “Premium” domains cost more

16 04, 2024

Surprise! Some domains carry special price tags with higher-than-expected numbers on them. Here’s why....

Enhanced Gmail spam filters target bulk email senders

20 02, 2024

Here's how to avoid spam folders by using SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records....

Shrinkage in the .nz domain namespace is unprecedented

26 01, 2024

In just 5 months, 12,000 .nz domains have disappeared. What’s going on? And how long will it last?...

It's never too early to renew domain names

27 09, 2023

If you know you want to keep your domain beyond its current expiry, there's no reason not to lock in more years today....

A quickstart guide to websites, hosting, domains, and almost everything else

11 09, 2023

Ok, maybe not everything. But if all of this website stuff is new to you, start here....

International domain prices are on their way up again

29 08, 2023

Once again, we're experiencing the annual squeeze from our supplier of .com and other international domains....

Hey Google, where are your 10 million domains going to end up next?

21 06, 2023

If you registered a domain for the 10-year maximum, you’ve shown more commitment than Google Domains. ...

Predicting domain price rises: What can a TLD tell us?

12 05, 2023

Predictions are hard, especially about the future. But we reckon that a domain’s TLD offers clues about what it might cost when you renew...

Why changing your business domain is like losing a tattoo

01 05, 2023

Ideally your business domain will be long-lasting but if you need to change, prepare for a costly, painful erasure....