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Today we relaunch the MyHost Affiliate Marketing Program. For the first time we have an Affliate Program that we're proud to promote, and hoping to grow significantly.

If you’re new to affiliate marketing, you can think of it as a supersized version of our refer-a-friend scheme. Anyone can register as an affiliate (you don’t need to be a MyHost customer), and the program is designed to reward ongoing promotional efforts. To be a successful affiliate takes more effort than sharing a link with a friend, but the payouts (cash, not account credits) can build into thousands of dollars.

Commissions now start at a very high rate of 15%

So, calling all affiliate marketers! This article is for you. It explains how our new program is going to work and why we’ve made the changes that we have.

Why make changes?

Although MyHost (and, before last year’s merger, other brands) has had a number of affiliate marketing partners for years now, we have never really advertised or supported the program in any meaningful way.

There were a few reasons for that, for example:

  • A commission structure that discouraged us from wanting our affiliates to bring in too much business - the value flowed too far in one direction.
  • Affiliates could earn commission on almost any MyHost product, even complex ones that require carefully-managed onboarding, which could lead to unsatisfactory customer experiences.

Over time we stopped recruiting new affiliate partners and offered very little support to the affiliates we already had. The program underperformed, and it had very few winners.

The main reason we’re changing things is because we believe in our hosting products, and we want as many people as possible to know about them.

The rebuilt program encourages more engagement between us, affiliates, and prospective customers. At the same time it gives a better overall exchange of value between us and our affiliates.

New commission structure, more marketing support

The two biggest changes are that we’re offering marketing support and resources to all our affiliates, and that the commission structure has changed.

Commissions now start at a very high rate of 15% (the exact rate depends on the product) and will be paid for up to three years. This is in line with other high-quality affiliate programs around the world, and it balances the incentives between affiliates and us.

Successful programs reward affiliates who keep finding new customers, but also recognise the value of long-lasting customer relationships. Now that we've hit that balance, we're happy to lend more behind-the-scenes support than ever before.

Marketing assets and support

As part of today’s relaunch there are now dozens of ready-to-use MyHost ads available to affiliates. A range of sizes and messages are available for immediate use. We are also supplying reusable content about us and our products.

This will simplify the job of creating pages and other collateral about MyHost, and speed you up as you look to earn commissions from us.

We’re also opening up our expertise to our affiliates. If there are specific display ads or content pieces that an affiliate needs, we’re here to field requests and help out.

Growing a bigger, better MyHost

The new Affiliate Program is part of our mission to bring fast, secure, and well-supported web hosting to as many people and businesses as possible. We genuinely believe that MyHost offers more than most other web hosts, and we want the world to know.

The work has been going on for years, but more recent developments include:

  • Launching a bigger, better MyHost to reduce the number of brands and systems that we run, and so we can focus on cost-effective hosting with a full product suite.
  • Increasing our standard new customer discount to 50% for the first month (affiliates are free to advertise the promo code 50OFF).
  • Updating and improving our products, e.g. giving all Web Hosting packages unlimited storage and bandwidth.
  • Refreshing our website.
  • Building a team to regularly publish useful tips and insights here on the MyHost blog.

These are all efforts that our affiliates can lean on and benefit from. With the launch of the new Affiliate Program, we hope that more marketers will join in.

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