One very big reason to renew .nz domain names before November starts


If you have any .nz domains to renew or register this year, avoid potential headaches by getting it done before November.

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This news article is from 2022. InternetNZ's Registry System has now been upgraded.

If you have any .nz domains that are due for renewal this year, get it done before November. Then you’ll have your domains locked away before the registry platform - a major piece of infrastructure that underpins the .nz domain space - is replaced.

We’re giving this advice out of caution. Big technology projects are hard, and experience has taught us that after a new system is switched on, you can’t always count on everything working perfectly. By renewing domains now, you will avoid the risk of trying to renew domains while teething issues or unexpecting bugs may be affecting the new platform.

There’s no downside to renewing domains early. The extra year(s) that you secure are added on from the current expiry date.

InternetNZ, the organisation that oversees management of .nz domains, is preparing to go live with the new IRS (InternetNZ Registry System) on Tuesday 1 November 2022.

Check your domain renewal dates

  1. Log into your MyHost account
  2. Open the Domains screen
  3. Click Next Due to order your list of domains by renewal due date.
  4. If you have any domains due before 2023, click the down arrow to open the options menu and select Renew Your Domain.

If you have any .nz domains that are due for renewal this year, get it done before November 2022.

Need any new .nz domains before 2023? Order now

The same IRS platform will take over management of new domain registrations as well, so the same advice applies for any new .nz domains that you want to register before the end of the year. Act before Tuesday 1 November.

Register domains today, then rest easy knowing that you got the job done before any complications arise.

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