MyHost customers caught up in new phishing attack


Fake emails that look like they're from our sister company, SiteHost, are trying to scam MyHost customers. Here's how to protect your account.

Since late yesterday, a new phishing attack has targeted customers of MyHost and our sister company, SiteHost. The emails have SiteHost's name and logo on them, and they attempt to trick you into giving away passwords and credit card information.

If you have received any emails from the fake address, or with the subject line "Note on service renewal", they are not from us. Please mark them as spam or delete them, and block the sender if you can.

Phishing attacks like these contain official-looking links to fake websites. In this case, the scam website asks people for their login information and then their credit card details.

These attacks are likely to evolve over time, so we are asking everyone to be extra-cautious when it comes to your MyHost account and payment information.

Enable two factor authentication to protect your login

Two factor authentication, or 2FA adds an extra step when you log into your MyHost account. After entering your password, you are asked for a code from a common app like Google Authenticator. Anyone without your phone will be unable to get past that step, even if they know your password.

2FA is an option under Security Settings in your MyHost account. Here's how to enable 2FA.

Expect to hear from MyHost, no-one else

When we communicate with you about your MyHost account or bill, you will heard from MyHost, not SiteHost. The companies are related, but we keep the brands very separate to avoid confusion.

Be extra vigilant about any emails or other messages that don't come from MyHost.

Check links carefully

There are only two genuine MyHost website domains. They are:

  •, including
  •, including

We will never ask you to log in, or to provide credit card details, anywhere other than these web addresses. Do not trust any other links.

If you're not sure, ask us

If you ever receive something that says it's from us but doesn't seem right to you, please get in touch. It's okay to be cautious!

  • Forward emails to and ask if they're genuine.
  • Log in and contact our Support Team via the Open Ticket screen.
  • If it's urgent, call 0800 454 537 (NZ) or 02 9069 3783 (AU).

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