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Web Hosting can fit nicely alongside many agencies' current digital services. Here's how to expand into the web hosting market without touching any servers.

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How will your digital agency keep growing as clients tighten their belts? Reseller Web Hosting presents an excellent opportunity for agencies, including marketing, design, development and SEO firms, to extend your services and build a new revenue stream.

This article covers the aspects of reselling that make it a good fit for agencies and why it’s something that you should consider. Then we’ll look at some of the operational aspects. Then, since reselling isn’t the only way for you to create a profitable partnership with hosting providers like us, we’ll look at the alternatives.

Is Reselling for You?

Reselling hosting can be a logical extension of your business if you are already trading on a trustworthy reputation, and if you provide technical or digital services that your clients couldn’t replicate in-house. A lot of digital services have strong connections back to hosting, for example:

  • Web design and development is quicker and easier when you’re building on quality infrastructure.
  • SEO is boosted by website speed, and hosting can make a big difference here.
  • Marketing services often rely on a recommended tech stack, to which you can easily add web hosting.

If you’re already trading in the right areas and building the right sort of customer relationships, why not add in a complimentary product? Especially since hosting services have a "sticky" nature, encouraging clients to remain with you for longer, it can pay off twice over - with higher monthly invoices over many more months.

As your clients sign up, presto, there’s another line on their invoices and another reason for them to stay with your agency for the long term.

Reseller hosting is a relatively straightforward way to generate additional revenue, and when you manage it effectively the value flows to you and your clients. One big promise for clients is that they are freed from the hassle of choosing their own web hosting, while you can be assured that your clients' sites are sitting on familiar tech that aligns with your agency's work.

Depending on your branding strategy, you have the flexibility to white-label the hosting (which gives you the opportunity to extend your brand) or openly resell hosting from reputable brands like MyHost. The second option is easier, and white-labelling is never perfect (your supplier’s name will show up in server details, for example), but the choice is yours.

Reseller Hosting: How it works for you

Reseller web hosting operates on a straightforward principle. As a reseller, you purchase a specific amount of server space, then you divide those resources up into smaller packages to offer your clients.

For example, we’re currently offering a reseller hosting package that includes 30GB of disk space on one of our fast, modern servers for you to share out over as many as 30 client accounts. (This package is specially priced at $554/yr if you sign up before the end of July.)

Reselling hosting can be a logical extension of your business if you are already trading on a trustworthy reputation.

You know your clients' websites better than almost anyone, so you are well-equipped to strike the right balance between resources and pricing. In the example above it’s up to you how you share out those gigabytes of storage (it doesn’t need to be 1GB for every account), and to work out a suitable price for each package. As your clients sign up, presto, there’s another line on their invoices and another reason for them to stay with your agency for the long term.

Getting prepared to resell web hosting

Even though the hosting infrastructure is all taken care of for you, there are a few ducks you need to get in a row if you want to be a slick, profitable reseller. Web Hosting is a service that relies on clear communication and customer service.

Communication comes down to ensuring there are no surprises. While hosting is often treated as a set-and-forget service, there are times when clients might want to know what’s going on. As the reseller, you’re responsible for those messages. When new hosting accounts are ready to go, or passwords are changed for example, it’s up to you to let people know. There won’t be a lot of times when there’s a message to send, but transparency builds trust.

Your clients already trust you to deliver, so why not deliver more with Reseller Hosting?

Being a reseller also entails being responsive to support inquiries, which may arise outside regular business hours. However, choosing a trustworthy hosting provider can significantly reduce support-related calls. It's imperative to have dedicated personnel available to address any queries or concerns promptly, ensuring a seamless hosting experience for your clients.

Other ways to profit from a hosting partnership

If reseller hosting doesn't align with your agency's business model or operational capacity, there are other ways to earn income and recommend trusted hosting to your clients. Affiliate marketing rewards you for referring new customers directly to us. For up to three years, you’ll get a percentage of each customer’s hosting bills. This lets you stay focused on the digital services you know best.

An even simpler option that’s open to every MyHost customer is to earn $20 account credits with our refer-a-friend scheme. These options don’t deepen your customer relationships in the same way as reselling, but they do give your bottom line a boost and get your client sites onto our high-quality web hosting infrastructure.

Ready to start reselling?

Reseller web hosting presents a valuable opportunity for digital agencies to expand their service offerings and generate additional revenue. It offers the potential to enhance customer retention and satisfaction, and it can seamlessly integrate into existing client relationships.

If you’re up for the job of carefully managing resources, effectively communicating with clients, and offering support, you’re ready to provide value-added hosting solutions. Get started by finding the Reseller Hosting package that suits you - and remember that if you sign up before the end of July you can lock in a special deal.

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