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A recent upgrade to our Website Builder has introduced a lot of new features. One of the biggest changes is that you can now create an ecommerce store with Website Builder. You don’t need any specialist coding or design skills to start running a beautiful online store today.

The barriers to entry have been dismantled. This is your opportunity to engage in ecommerce.

Everything an ecommerce store needs

The big idea behind Website Builder is that it makes everything so easy. Want to edit text? Just click and type. Need a new image? Drag and drop it into place.

It takes a bit more than images and text to run an ecommerce store, but Website Builder still delivers even complex features.

Here’s a quick look at some of the highlights.

Product data

Categorise and describe your products however you need. You can define whatever product data or variations you want - SKUs, sizes, colours, countries of origin, or anything else - and your website visitors can use that info to filter and browse your store. The flexibility is fantastic.

Pricing and payments

Website Builder lets you set prices in different currencies, manage discounts, and let customers calculate shipping costs. Tax management tools are built in, too.

Once your customers are ready to make a purchase, accept payments almost any way you could want. The updated Website Builder now supports more than 40 payment gateways, ensuring that your customers can make secure transactions with ease. From traditional credit cards, common online options like PayPal and Stripe, to cutting-edge digital wallets, we've got you covered.

Store and stock management

As well as building a website for the public to visit, Website Builder now includes a lot of back office functionality as well. Without leaving Website Builder you can monitor and process orders, track stock levels, and get the system to automatically produce invoices.

All this on top of features that boost any website

There’s more to our refurbished Website Builder than ecommerce, so here’s a quick look at other features that will help your new store - or any other website - shine online.

Search optimisation

SEO (search engine optimisation) is crucial for any website to be found by potential visitors. On-page SEO and other SEO basics are much easier when Website Builder lets you do things like:

  • Edit page metadata
  • Create custom meta HTML tags
  • Set alt text for images
  • Create friendly URLs
  • Manage robots.txt and sitemap files

Social media integration

If your store is on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter/X, or if you just want to let people share your content to their own channels, Website Builder has the widget for you.

Drag and drop the widget, let it know what content you want to pull in from social media, and your integration is ready to go.

Website templates - hundreds of site designs to choose from

The template library has more than 200 options. Some are built for ecommerce, while others are tailored for industries from education to travel. All of them let you add pages and make any changes you want - including adding any elements to any page of your web store that you choose.

You might choose a look and feel that’s already tuned for presenting and selling products and then bring in your brand and marketing. Or you might start with a website template that’s built for your market, and then inject your commercial side into it. It’s your choice.

Start building today

If you’ve been thinking about getting into ecommerce but thought it would be too hard and too technical to get started, it’s time to prove yourself wrong. You can get started with Website Builder today and see how easy it is to set up a new store.

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