MyHost welcomes a lot of new customers from Vocus NZ


If you’ve come to us from any of Vocus NZ's domain and hosting brands - like iSERVE, Kiwi Web Host, or Maxnet - welcome to MyHost.

We’re saying hello to a lot of new MyHost customers today. If you’ve come to us from any of Vocus NZ’s domain and hosting brands - like iSERVE, Kiwi Web Host, or Maxnet – welcome to MyHost.

You’re about to discover the difference in experience when you are served by a domain and hosting specialist. We hope you love it as much as the thousands of customers who are already with us.

Change is often not easy - especially when you didn’t even ask for it - and we acknowledge that. This change, though, will move your domains and hosting to modern, well-maintained infrastructure that will serve you well into the future. From today you have access to our expert Support Team, which has been earning incredibly high ratings from customers like you for years and years. You’ll have a new control panel to log into too - one which makes it easy to manage your hosting and domains.

Migration patterns

Update: A newer blog article now gives more detailed and up-to-date progress updates on your move from Vocus NZ to MyHost.

To tech-heads like us, the move from one domain or hosting provider to another is called a migration. Your migration from Vocus NZ to MyHost will happen in carefully-planned stages:

  1. Domains, especially .nz domains, will move first. This is because a major change is coming to the .nz domain space when a new registry platform, called the IRS, goes live on 1 November. Every provider of .nz domains needs to support this new platform, and we are ready to go.
  2. Web hosting will follow later. Our servers and infrastructure are modern and fast, and expertly supported, which will offer an immediate advantage over legacy hardware. To manage your new hosting you’ll have access to the MyHost control panel and, through that, to a system called cPanel.

We’ll keep in touch during all of this so you know exactly what’s happening and when.

A bit about us

Since a lot of you are new here, we’d better introduce ourselves. So, hi, we’re MyHost! We’re a 100% NZ-owned and operated company that specialises in domains and hosting. You’ll find our headquarters in Auckland, in a building with 384 solar panels on the roof and a data centre inside.

We believe that quality, affordable hosting comes from smart investment in high-performing hardware and, even more importantly, from offering expert and responsive support to everyone. When we say we’re here to help we really mean it. There’s always someone on the job, and they’re always a full member of our team (no outsourcing, and no rookies reading scripts). This is the difference that we believe you’ll notice now that you’re with us.

If there’s anything you want to know about your move to MyHost, our hosting packages, domain management, data centre, or anything else, just ask. We’re happy to have you here, and we’re ready to help however we can.

The MyHost Experience

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