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How local is your 'New Zealand' web host? 3 tricks to look out for

07 08, 2023

A quick guide to spotting hosting providers that aren’t as kiwi as they look, starring HostPapa, Freeparking and Crazy Domains....

Hey Google, where are your 10 million domains going to end up next?

21 06, 2023

If you registered a domain for the 10-year maximum, you’ve shown more commitment than Google Domains. ...

Predicting domain price rises: What can a TLD tell us?

12 05, 2023

Predictions are hard, especially about the future. But we reckon that a domain’s TLD offers clues about what it might cost when you renew...

Should you build your new store on Shopify?

05 05, 2022

Most Shopify plan prices went up by more than 30% in 2023, and Shopify Plus went up by 20% in 2024. So more ecommerce retailers are askin...

What to do as CentOS Linux reaches end of life

17 12, 2021

It’s not just the summer holidays that are around the corner but also the End-of-Life of the CentOS Linux lineage. Here's what this ...

When, and when not, to choose WordPress

23 11, 2021

WordPress is easily the world’s most popular choice for people creating a website, from top web designers to beginner-bloggers. But is it...