A fifth consecutive year of cPanel price rises


WebPros, the owners of cPanel, have stuck to their annual routine of hiking prices. Sorry.

For a fifth consecutive year, we have been pushed into raising cPanel prices from 1 January. We never like making decisions like this, but our own costs have been increased up by the owners of cPanel, a company called WebPros.

Regular readers of this blog may recall earlier rounds of this news from last year, or the year before, or even the original announcement from way back in 2019. It never gets easier, even as the story stays the same.

This year, CloudLinux is also affected.

New cPanel prices from 1 January 2024

The new cPanel Plus Cloud tier adds a step between 30 accounts (Pro) and 100 (Premier).

Product Accounts Old price New price (NZD)
cPanel Solo 1 $30 $35
cPanel Admin Cloud Up to 5 $60 $65
cPanel Pro Cloud Up to 30 $85 $95
cPanel Plus Cloud (new) Up to 50 n/a $130
cPanel Premier Cloud Up to 100 $155 $170
Extra sites After first 100 90c $1
Screenshot of cPanel Tools menu.


CloudLinux isn't a WebPros product, but they supply us with the CloudLinux licenses that we bundle with cPanel.

Product Old price New price
CloudLinux License $35 $37

You might have other options

Since cPanel is basically the industry standard, WebPros have a lot of pricing power to play with. They know that it's not always an easy platform to replace. But there might still be ways for you cut back your expenses.

Your options depend on how your agency or business operates. The number of sites you operate and the way you collaborate with clients, for example, can change what we'd recommend. So it's best to get in touch with us and talk in person.

Main photo: Frog and Saucepan by James Lee, aka FormerIP at Wikipedia. Transferred from en.wikipedia by ronhjones. CC BY 2.0.