New year, new cPanel prices


Our least favourite end-of-year tradition (est. 2019) is happening yet again.

This article is from 2022. For more recent news about cPanel prices, see A fifth consecutive year of cPanel price rises (October 2023).

Sometimes you don't want to be right.

At the end of last year we wrote that cPanel price rises will keep coming. It was a safe prediction, and it will come true in January 2023.

Consequently, the prices that we charge for multi-account cPanel licenses will be going up as well. If you are affected you will hear from us individually.

We don't like making things more expensive, but when our costs go up we don't have much choice. The owners of cPanel know that their system is popular, and often hard for users to replace. They have made it clear that they will keep taking advantage of their pricing power.

Only multi-account licenses are affected

Although most MyHost customers are cPanel users, the majority of you won't face higher prices.

We are not changing what we charge for our popular Web Hosting and Email Hosting products. But if you are a reseller or an agency running a server that we have supplied with a cPanel license, then new bulk licensing costs are coming your way. This year we have had to factor in worsening exchange rates as well, since we are charged USD by cPanel.

Product Accounts Old price New price (NZD)
cPanel Solo 1 $30 $30
cPanel Admin Cloud Up to 5 $45 $65
cPanel Pro Cloud Up to 30 $60 $85
cPanel Premier Cloud Up to 100 $100 $155
Extra sites 75c 90c

Discover your other options

If you're looking at these new prices and wondering whether there's a better way to host a lot of client sites, then we could have some good ideas for you. Because every business is different, and because things are easier to solve after we've heard how you like to operate, it's best talk in person. Give us a call on 0800 454 537, or see how else you can contact us.

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