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We’ve added the option to register direct .au domain names - Aussie’s second-favourite option - to the MyHost store.

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From today you can register direct .au domain names with MyHost. These domains, like, do away with anything between your name and the .au. They’re shorter, which makes them easier for people to remember, and they are less restricted than other Australian domains.

Direct .au domains are popular, too. They’ve only been publicly available since March 2022, and there are hundreds of thousands of them registered already. By January 2023 they made up 17% of all Aussie domains. That’s easily the second-most popular option, behind (75%) and well ahead of (5%).

Join the direct .au domain crowd with MyHost

We’re stoked to be able to offer direct .au domain names from today. You can search for your new domain right now, and have it registered in a couple of minutes.

They’re shorter, easier to remember, less restricted than other Australian domains and popular, too.

As with all .au domains, there are some rules around who can register. Direct .au domains are less restricted than and (which are for commercial entities only), (charities and non-profits), or (individuals). All you need is what auDA calls “a verified connection to Australia”. If you’re a citizen, a permanent resident, or an organisation registered in Australia, then you’re good to go.

If you register with MyHost, direct .au domains cost the same as other .au options like and

The MyHost Control Panel makes it really easy to manage your domains’ nameservers, DNS settings, contact details, renewals and more. You’re in full control, and if you ever need any help our 24/7 Support Team has your back.

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One-stop shopping for Australian domains and hosting

The addition of direct .au domains comes on the heels of our recent launch of Australian Web Hosting and VPS packages, which all run out of our Sydney location. While we’d been running hardware in Australia for years, the addition of online ordering significantly upped our ability to give customers what they’re looking for.

Managing domains and hosting in a single Control Panel, and having round-the-clock access to our highly-rated Support Team, means that MyHost customers have it easy. Now with Australia’s second-favourite domains in the mix, there’s even more reason to choose MyHost.

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