Technical articles

cPanel on older Linux distros: Extend your deadline, at a cost

06 06, 2024

You can literally buy yourself more time to run cPanel on CentOS or CloudLinux 7 before they fall out of support....

CentOS Linux end-of-life update: The plot thickens

03 07, 2023

Our chosen Web Hosting operating system is deep into its “end of life” phase, and now its developers have dropped another bombshell....

CentOS Linux EOL update: cPanel makes progress with Ubuntu

19 07, 2022

CentOS Linux is reaching its end-of-life in 2024. For running cPanel, Ubuntu is front-runner replacement but we don't recommend swit...

What to do as CentOS Linux reaches end of life

17 12, 2021

It’s not just the summer holidays that are around the corner but also the End-of-Life of the CentOS Linux lineage. Here's what this ...

Choosing a Linux distro

17 12, 2021

When you’re setting up a new VPS (virtual private server), we let you choose from a range of operating systems. Each one is a distributio...

Upgrading technology we hope you never need

16 12, 2021

Every site we host is safely, automatically backed up so you can restore your way out of emergencies....

Linux hosting, Windows hosting, cPanel and Plesk

08 12, 2021

Linux or Windows? cPanel or Plesk? Some choices aren’t as hard as they seem....

Best tips to keep WordPress secure

07 12, 2021

WordPress is popular, so it’s a common target for hackers. But with a few simple actions you can avoid a lot of trouble....

Link Your Domains Direct domain to MyHost Web Hosting

26 10, 2021

Now you have a domain it's time to link it to your MyHost web hosting plan. Let us show you how easy it is....