What to look for in a WordPress web host

11 10, 2021

The list of WordPress hosting providers is endless. We narrow down your choices by giving you the top qualities a web host should have....

Even in "the cloud", New Zealand-based servers matter

02 10, 2021

If you and your customers are in New Zealand, your web hosting should be too....

SSL issues

01 10, 2021

A root Let's Encrypt certificate has expired. We're among many service providers working to resolve the knock-on effects....

Domain names: What they are, and why you need (at least) one

27 09, 2021

A domain name is the address people use to find you online. Here's how to choose a great one....

MyHost - Your local alternative to Crazy Domains and Openhost

08 09, 2021

We've been helping out a lot of former Openhost customers who don't want to take a forced migration to Crazy Domains. It's...

Shared web hosting vs VPS

07 09, 2021

Starting a new website? It's time to compare shared web hosting to a VPS and work out which option is best....

Introducing the new MyHost

27 08, 2021

We've been working hard on bringing you a new and improved MyHost. See why we decided to make the change and what this means for you...

Customer Profile: BRAVEweb

23 04, 2021

From a rebrand after 20 years to moving their hosting back to NZ from overseas, Steven and Joanne Gardner sat down to speak with us about...

COVID-19 Update

26 03, 2020

We are considered an essential service. See how MyHost is prepared for Lockdowns and what it means for our customers....

cPanel’s New Pricing & Licensing

15 08, 2019

cPanel has announced a new pricing structure. Here's why....

Google Will Warn Users on Non-Secure Form Input Pages

01 10, 2017

Google Chrome will be ramping up the warnings for your visitors on any pages that accept form input – even newsletter signups and contact...