We've already patched managed servers against OpenSSL vulnerabilities

03 11, 2022

If you manage your own Linux server(s), you have urgent work to do....

New year, new cPanel prices

02 11, 2022

Our least favourite end-of-year tradition (est. 2019) is happening again....

Comparing our Refer-a-Friend and Affiliate Marketing programs

31 10, 2022

Be rewarded for introducing new customers to MyHost! Our Affiliate Program earns cash for serious marketers, while Refer-a-Friend lets yo...

Technical SEO tips for your business

10 10, 2022

You don’t need to be a web developer or a tech-head to get started with technical SEO....

MyHost welcomes a lot of new customers from Vocus NZ

07 10, 2022

If you’ve come to us from any of Vocus NZ's domain and hosting brands - like iSERVE, Kiwi Web Host, or Maxnet - welcome to MyHost....

Stand out with these SEO basics for WordPress beginners

06 10, 2022

If you’re new to WordPress, you’re probably new to search engine optimisation (SEO) - your key to being found online....

Growing your business and brand with these DIY tips for on-page SEO

03 10, 2022

Take control of your on-page SEO by learning how to work with keywords, content, and CTAs....

One very big reason to renew .nz domain names before November starts

23 09, 2022

If you have any .nz domains to renew or register this year, avoid potential headaches by getting it done before November....

Improve your webpage load time to increase your SEO

09 09, 2022

The faster your website loads, the more likely you are to get higher search engine rankings. There are a few things you can do to quicken...

Free, legal stock images and where to find them

17 08, 2022

Need images for your website, but don't want to pay (or steal)? We've compiled a list of the best free stock photo resources on...

Ten problems with free WordPress hosting

12 08, 2022

Free WordPress hosting may seem like a good deal, but it almost never is. Here are ten common issues that you might want to avoid....

How MyHost Affiliates can earn high, recurring commissions

28 07, 2022

And you can, too! As well as providing a great hosting service, we run an Affiliate Marketing Program that’s designed to help you get pai...