Growing your digital agency with Reseller Web Hosting

27 06, 2023

Web Hosting can fit nicely alongside many agencies' current digital services. Here's how to expand into the web hosting market ...

Hey Google, where are your 10 million domains going to end up next?

21 06, 2023

If you registered a domain for the 10-year maximum, you’ve shown more commitment than Google Domains. ...

Reseller Hosting in Australia: Make sales across the Tasman without leaving home

20 06, 2023

Smart kiwi businesses are using Reseller Hosting to offer local services to customers in Australia....

Predicting domain price rises: What can a TLD tell us?

12 05, 2023

Predictions are hard, especially about the future. But we reckon that a domain’s TLD offers clues about what it might cost when you renew...

Why changing your business domain is like losing a tattoo

01 05, 2023

Ideally your business domain will be long-lasting but if you need to change, prepare for a costly, painful erasure....

If you run WooCommerce and Elementor Pro, update Elementor Pro TODAY

03 04, 2023

Older versions of Elementor Pro allow users to escalate to WordPress admin access....

Avoid Gmail's more aggressive spam filtering

23 03, 2023

Google is treating new email senders with suspicion. If your messages have been going into Gmail spam folders, here's a quick fix....

Welcoming Domains Direct customers in a time of price rises

14 03, 2023

We’re saying hello to a lot of .nz domain holders from Domains Direct this month....

Progress updates on your move from Vocus NZ to MyHost

28 02, 2023

Thousands of customers are joining MyHost from Vocus NZ brands like iSERVE, Maxnet, Kiwi Web Host. It’s a big job, so here’s the plan....

What does ChatGPT know about WooCommerce?

23 02, 2023

We wondered whether the world’s favourite AI would be a useful guide when you’re learning about the world's favourite ecommerce plat...

New! Get direct .au domains from MyHost

16 02, 2023

We’ve added the option to register direct .au domain names - Aussie’s second-favourite option - to the MyHost store....

MyHost makes serious web hosting moves in Australia

23 12, 2022

We’ve added Australian hosting options to our web store, so now you can set up hosting and virtual servers (VPS) on either side of the Ta...