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We're fully patched against Zenbleed

01 08, 2023

All of our infrastructure is secured against Zenbleed, a vulnerability that made it possible to steal data straight from some CPUs....

CentOS Linux end-of-life update: The plot thickens

03 07, 2023

Our chosen Web Hosting operating system is deep into its “end of life” phase, and now its developers have dropped another bombshell....

If you run WooCommerce and Elementor Pro, update Elementor Pro TODAY

03 04, 2023

Older versions of Elementor Pro allow users to escalate to WordPress admin access....

Welcoming Domains Direct customers in a time of price rises

14 03, 2023

We’re saying hello to a lot of .nz domain holders from Domains Direct this month....

Progress updates on your move from Vocus NZ to MyHost

28 02, 2023

Thousands of customers are joining MyHost from Vocus NZ brands like iSERVE, Maxnet, Kiwi Web Host. It’s a big job, so here’s the plan....

New! Get direct .au domains from MyHost

16 02, 2023

We’ve added the option to register direct .au domain names - Aussie’s second-favourite option - to the MyHost store....

MyHost makes serious web hosting moves in Australia

23 12, 2022

We’ve added Australian hosting options to our web store, so now you can set up hosting and virtual servers (VPS) on either side of the Ta...

We've already patched managed servers against OpenSSL vulnerabilities

03 11, 2022

If you manage your own Linux server(s), you have urgent work to do....

New year, new cPanel prices

02 11, 2022

Our least favourite end-of-year tradition (est. 2019) is happening yet again....