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Refer a Friend to MyHost is here!

08 03, 2022

Refer a friend to MyHost and save money on your hosting bill....

We’ve already patched major Linux vulnerability, PwnKit

27 01, 2022

Our shared web hosting servers, and all managed Linux servers, are already patched against a major bug that you might not have heard abou...

Upgrading technology we hope you never need

16 12, 2021

Every site we host is safely, automatically backed up so you can restore your way out of emergencies....

cPanel price rises will keep coming

08 12, 2021

cPanel costs are an ever-growing part of web hosting bills all around the world....

Here’s why you won’t see PayPal in our checkout anymore

06 12, 2021

PayPal is no longer an option when you pay your MyHost account. Our CEO explains why, and what other options you have....

SSL issues

01 10, 2021

A root Let's Encrypt certificate has expired. We're among many service providers working to resolve the knock-on effects....

MyHost - Your local alternative to Crazy Domains and Openhost

08 09, 2021

We've been helping out a lot of former Openhost customers who don't want to take a forced migration to Crazy Domains. It's...

Introducing the new MyHost

27 08, 2021

We've been working hard on bringing you a new and improved MyHost. See why we decided to make the change and what this means for you...

COVID-19 Update

26 03, 2020

We are considered an essential service. See how MyHost is prepared for Lockdowns and what it means for our customers....